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HELP .. Sum total of only approved records


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Hi guys... this is my first post here, and im sure this has been asked plenty of times before .. but anyway ...


this is my table structure




in the jobsheet layout there is a portal listing all the quotes that relate to that job number. Some are approved, some arnt. What i would like to do is list the related quotes in the portal on the jobsheet, and do a sum total of only the approved quotes.


sounds simple enough, but i have hit a mental block on this one. Any help or example that i can pull apart to see how its done would be VERY greatly appreciated.




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A possible route: make an auto- enter calc (replace existing):







should give you your total.


Another way would be to create an extra relationship with a filter



JobsheetID::JobsheetID AND



The global gStatus would hold the value "approved" or whatever you use in the quotes table to mark an approved quote.

and then sum over that relationship.



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Hey .. Excellent ... i tried the first sugestion which worked perfectly and only after the second attempt! :-)


Thank you very much for the quick response



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