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Center Based on window width


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I am wondering if there is a way to set things to be centered based on the size of the window the layout is being displayed on.


We have users that use different screen resolution depending on what terminal they are logged in from.


Some use 1024x768, others use 1920x1080 or even higher.


I would love it if i can have the layout and forms centered in the window for everyone, sort of like an HTML/Web Page does.


Is that possible?



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Not really. You can make multiple versions of the most important layouts and then trap for resolution and go to the appropriate screen. But then you have to maintain the different versions — any change you make you have to make in both (all three, four, five, etc) places.


I mostly design around 1024 x 768.


I have the fortune of mostly designing for Mac users. Mac apps's various windows don't usually try to eat the whole freaking screen, so the folks using 1980 x 1080 are used to an application's window only taking up half a screen and they like it that way. Put FileMaker on the right and Excel or web page to its left. Non-Mac folk would probably find that cluttery, different strokes for different folks, yadda yadda, but it sure is easier on the FileMaker developers. Adjust Window [Resize to Fit] and you're always good to go.


I guess Windows users at high res just get used to huge swaths of empty grey screen in apps that don't do dynamically resizing GUIs.

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I tried resize to fit, but that doesnt work well either for the same reason. When someone on a smaller display tries to use it, it always moves the window to where they dont want it.



I hate the way when i maximize the window, all my data is stuck over on the left hand top corner of my screen. its a fundemental problem with the layout of the program if you ask me. We need flexibility when it comes to layout. And having multiple layouts for each screen size kinda sucks.

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but what good does getting the screen width do if my window is maximized? It still just puts all of the layout in the upper left.


Or are you saying that I could use the get screen width/height to set the window size for FMP in a non-maximized scenario?

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