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Problems to open a .usr file


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I don't have a clue about how to programming with Filemaker and I'm with some problems with it.

I have some databases (.usr files) and I want to convert them to any other formats. I have their passwords and FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.5 installed on this machine. How would I procede to open the register and so export to .dbf format?


Sorry if this is a such a stupid question, but as you can see I'd never programmed anything with Filemaker.



Yours, dan.

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Open FmAdv, go File:Open, navigate to file (you may need to specify that the dialog should show all openable files), and open it, holding down the shift key to force the acctname/password dialog to appear. Enter them and continue. Once the file is opened, to go File, Export Records, select location, specify export format.


If the file contains multiple tables, each table must be exported separately. You'll find it easiest to do by navigating to a layout that is native to each table and then exporting that table in turn.


If your .usr file was created in an earlier version of FileMaker, you may be prompted to convert it when you first open it, and the converted version will open.


Oh, and what's a "register"? ;)

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