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Put database on web


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Do you mind if I recycle the answer that I put on this other person's thread?


In your case, since you aren't specifically mentioning whether you're trying to receive data into FileMaker from a "post form" action on the web site, or instead trying to display FileMaker data on the web site (and/or perhaps create & edit?), it's even more difficult to give you a solid recommendation.


FileMaker publishes nicely to the web via IWP, and that's definitely worth looking into if your web site is hypothetical or just barely started at this point. If, on the other hand, it's up and running and robust and so on, you might not want to do that, and to give you a more complete answer I'd need to know more about what you mean by "put a small database on" your website.


There is some middleware that servers up a website built of HTML and/or XML code + cgi "hooks" to functions that get data out of or put data in to FileMaker. I've used one called Witango, and there's a popular one called Lasso. There's also a new beta for PHP support, which sounds promising.


And as I told privateapples in the other thread, if your goal is to populate the FileMaker database with end user input, you can have "post form" data emailed from your website to a FileMaker database with the POP3It plugin (or other plugin with similar functionality) and FileMaker will acquire the data via email.

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I need to put it on my website on a list and stuff like that.


Well, you just kinda let it groove with your web and share it and stuff like that. ;)



Someone (maybe me, maybe someone else) would probably be able to give you less general and more useful help with it if you could give more specifics.


Do you (for instance) mean that you want a list of, I dunno, the reigning monarchs of England and Scotland, in chronological order or in order of foot size depending on the column that the user clicks on? Or do you (very differently) mean that you want to administer a mailing list with forms for people to register or search for back issues, and the database sends out the daily email digest to all registered participants? Or maybe host a blog where each post adds a new record to the list of posts?

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