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Lost OS, restored, but no Filemaker


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Does anyone know how I can get Filemaker 6 to run? I had to have my OS rebult, but all of my files were saved. Therefore I have the softrware loaded, but it won't run.


Can anyone help?


P.S. I cannot find the CD as I have had this for several years now...

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What OS? What version?


Which FileMaker 6 files do you still have in the FileMaker 6 folder?


What happend when you try to doubleclick the actual application file (assuming that's not what's missing)? If you get an error message, what does it say, verbatim?

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I am running XP V2 - SP2


All of the files appear to be in the Filemaker folder - when I double click on the Filemaker Pro application file the error I get it:


The application or DLL c:\program files\filemaker\filemaker pro 6\FMCOR10.dll is not a valid windows image. Please check this against your installation disk.


Thank you for the help!

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Sounds like you might benefit from a reinstall. If you have lost your CD but do own (and know Oh Really!) a valid and legitimate serial number, perhaps you can use it to validate a trial version downloaded via this link



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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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