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Calculate the friday date of a given week


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I have a scheduled finish date which can be any date m-f of a given week. However, I would like to return the friday date of the 'finish date' such that a pile of tasks are due in the week ending 6-Sep-06


Is there an easy way to do this?



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Well, how would you do it manually?


You'd add one day to the date if the current day of the week was Thursday, right? And two if the current day of the week was Wednesday, and so on?


DayOfWeek(FinishDate) will return 1 if FinishDate is Sunday, 2 if FinishDate is Monday, and so on; or, alternatively, DayName(FinishDate) will return the day of the week in words, "Sunday", "Monday", etc. Either of those functions, therefore, will give you what you need to know in order to know how many days to add to FinishDate to get to the next Friday, yes?

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I don't believe the rules have been addressed - if FinishDate is Friday, I assume you want that same day but if FinishDate is Saturday, what do you want? Well see if this works for you ... if Saturday, it kicks back to prior Friday and if Sunday it kicks forward to next Friday:


FinishDate + 7 - DayOfWeek ( FinishDate ) - 1

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I was sloppy. This is better: FinishDate - DayOfWeek ( FinishDate ) + 6


FinishDate - DayOfWeek ( FinishDate ) always backs to DayOfWeek 0 (which is the prior Saturday). Then jump forward to the DayOfWeek you want (in this case Friday ... or 6). smiley-laughing

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Thanks for all of the replys, I ended up doing it like this








My scheduled delivery calc already drops out the weekends so I don't have the Saturday issue.

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