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filemaker 8.5 and tablet pc


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I have a tablet pc (windows xp, tablet pc edition) and am using FM 8.5 Pro. I have some questions regarding the tablet input panel and was wondering if anyone else is using FM with a tablet pc?

My question has to do with the floating icon for the TIP not being accessible. I don't know if this is a FM issue or a Windows issue and was looking for other tablet pc users to find out their experience.

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I have a Samsung Q1 and encountering the same problem. Microsoft swears it is a FileMaker issue... FileMaker dubs it a Windows issue... will fill you in when and IF...

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I spent some time many months ago looking into this.


I was hoping to write a script to call up the TIP when needed, but apparently the TIP program is running continuously, so it can't be called forth in that manner.


I have ended setting up convenient buttons in my FMP database that a Onenote window. I write in that, then drag it over. The text is automatically translated if the field into which it is dragged accepts text. If the field is an Object field, the dragged material stays an untranslated object (image).



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