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Help with skipping weekends and holidays calc


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I've created a DB that tracks how many days to complete an item. It goes like this: Start Date, Estimate number of Days to Complete, Number of Days Worked, Number of Days Remaining (calc) and Completion Date (should be calc also). The only question is creating a calc in Completion Date that will account for weekends, US holidays, and sick/vacation time. Also, some people work on multiple items in one day and may use a fraction like .75=3/4 day and .25 to work on something else for the other 1/4 day. This shouldn't be a hard calc for Completion Date, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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This shouldn't be a hard calc for Completion Date, right?

That depends upon your structure. If they are sick or on vacation then they wouldn't log in time on a project anyway so why would you need you need to include it here? Do you have a holidays table which shows which days YOUR company will not work for all holidays? What type of field are you using for the 3/4 day (.75)? Is it a number field? What types of validations are in place to restrict that decimal to 2 decimals? So a day would equal 1?

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Hi. I'm a novice but here is the skinny. If someone is sick/vacation then I would like the Completion Date field to add another day to the item's outlook since no work was completed.

Maybe it would be easier calculating the Number of Days Remaining against the current date to get an accurate Completion Date barring weekends and holidays, yes?


Unfortunately, I do not know how to create a holiday table but i would like to learn since we are closed (e.g.: no work is done) for special events like E3, etc.

I would welcome any advice.



The field for Number of Days Worked and Number of Days Remaining and are both numbers. I would like the increment of 1 to equal one day. Honestly, if it's a decimal, then it should round UP to the next day just to be safe. i.e.: 9.4 days should end 10 days later on the calendar. Again, not sure what type of calc and/or validation that would require.


Sorry if this is more than one issue but thank you, thank you...

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