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html display using web viewer


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I have created an MS Outlook type email solution based on the Dacons Mail-IT plugin. Everything works great with one annoying exception -- HTML emails. To my small knowledge base, you could not view html natively in filemaker until 8.5. That's why I jumped in and bought it immediately.


Is it possible to have the web viewer show a message from a field tha contains html cod?


Currently, I have two layouts. One has a body_show field that is a text box used for displaying rich text and text only emails. The second layout has a body_show_html field that is a web viewer. When a person clicks on a message with html, I have a script that exports the contents of the message_html field to a file:tempdata.html and then opens the file using the open URL script.


This works, but it seems like there must be a better way. Plus, I'm highly annoyed by the screen spasms and delay, although it be slight.



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I've only been using FMpro for about a couple weeks now and I have to say I'm a real novice, but I was working on something that is along the lines of what I think you are asking.


What you can do is create a php file instead of html. The php will have normal HTML markup, but will use php variables to fill in the markup with your FMpro data. In your case it would look basically something like this:


   $showHTML = $_GET["body_show_html"];
   echo $showHTML;


Assuming all the markup you need to display the page is to be found in the field, this should be all you need.

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Great Idea, just one problem I can see ( without testing )


Wouldnt that mean you having to have a Server running PHP installed on the Filemaker machine to view the php file or hosting the file online meaning the user would have to be connected to the net to use ?


I know they probably would be, being its an email application but im thinking for other uses !

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Yes, php would have to be installed whatever URI the webviewer is pointing to. As I said I'm new, but I wonder if there is a way php could be integrated with the native, Instant Web Publishing. That would seem the most efficient way. Right now we use this with our intranet, so there is no problem just pointing it to one of the servers.

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