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I have a DB that has a text field labeled "active?" A client can shift between being active (field = yes) or not being active (field = no).


I want a count of the active clients at any given time. Therefore, if my "active?" field has 100 clients with a yes and 50 clients with a no, I want the result to equal 100. Then, if a client switches from "yes" to "no", the active count of yes clients should then equal 99.


Thank you

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I don't know how to insert a link to the original post, but following is a method defined by Ender in a previous post and it works great....


Here's the link, I think....





You could do it this way:


Define a text field and set it's storage to global (call it gCategory.) Then on the relationship graph, add a table occurence of your table, and link the two together:


Table Table 2

gCategory = Category


Now back in the field definitions, define a calc field:


Count for Category (calculation, number result) = Count(Table 2::RecordID)


Then in Browse Mode, insert the text "ROBBEREY" or whatever into the gCategory field, and in Layout Mode, add the Count for Category field. This would show the number of records in the whole table that have the matching category.


Hope it helps,


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