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Pause script


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I'm using IWP for one of my systems and have a script I want to pause for a few seconds, but not for user interaction, just to display a message for a few seconds and then it go away. I have a Merge, global field that during the script get set with data, then the script pauses for five seconds and then clears the data and moves on. It works correctly when using FM Client, but it doesn't work using IWP. If I open the side control panel on the web interface it shows two buttons (continue, cancel) and I have to click one to get it to complete the script... any suggestions/what am I doing wrong?



Set Field(message;"No Followups in next 24 hours")

Pause/Resume Script [Duration(seconds):5]

Set Field(message;"")

Exit Script



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Apparently, the script step is not 100% web compatible (or acts a little differently, whichever way you want to put it). The knowledge base says in a web environment the script will just be put on hold.


You could work around it by testing where you are and steering accordingly:


set field [field; message]

if [patterncount(get(applicationversion);"web")]

go to layout [webmessage]

pause/resume [indefinetly]


go to layout [fmproclientmessage]

pause resume [5 sec] #seems rather long

end if

set field [ field; ""]

go to layout [original]


the layout webmessage would hold a "resume script" button (marked OK or whatever).


hope this helps



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Hi Kjoe,


Funny you should come up with that work-around... I had a similar idea when I woke up this morning.. It's amazing what sleeping on a problem will do for you. I've learned that it's best to walk away from a problem and try again later than to just keep poking at it...


Anyway, I'm going to implement this work around, oh btw, the difference between your idea and mine was: testing for the web connection.. I was going to send everyone to the alternate page with the message and continue button, but I like your approach better, why do that to the client folks when it work just fine for them...




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Hi Blevey


OK... for what it's worth: personally I don't really like to insert 5 sec pauses to show a message. In a normal client situation, you could very well use Show Custom Dialog, with just an OK button. Users who see the message regularly will click OK in way under 5 seconds I think... and newbie users can just stare at it as long as they like...

you can use the script above for this as well. Ah well as long as your users are happy :)



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Thanks, I'm still on my first cup of coffee and handn't thought that far yet.. the whole reason for this work-around is most clients will access it from IWP or I would have just used the custom message script setp, but since it doesn't work in IWP I was trying to think of a good way to display a message. With your creative idea of testing how it's being accessed, yes indeed a custom message script is best for FM clients. thanks again.....

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