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Develop database using FM6, deploy on FM8 clients???


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Ok, My father does alot of our developing using FM6 - MAINLY because he does not want to change from W98 to XP - nevermind why - thats just the way it is and the way its going to stay.


Question, if he continues working on our application in FM6, can it be operated smoothly without - importing changing etc by clients and users who would have FM8 installed?



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...if he continues working on our application in FM6, can it be operated smoothly ... by clients and users who would have FM8 installed?

No. This would be a hazardous and most unprofessional way to work.


There were many fundamental changes in the structure, the file format, the features and the behavior or FileMaker between version 6 and version 8, so it is by no means safe to assume that what works in v6 will work (or work the same) in v8.


Moreover even those things which do still work in much the same way between v6 and v8 are generally non-optimal for v8. The world has moved on - and the way things were coded in v6 is not the way it's done any more. What may have been best practice - or even acceptable practice in the days of v6 is neither in v8.


But versions of FileMaker aside, the first rule of commercial (dare I say professional) development is to *always* build and test on the same operating system that your end users will deploy on. To do otherwise is to risk bringing your work, your standards and your professionalism into question. Not to mention the many dependencies which simply cannot be configured in the "wrong" environment. Even things as simple as page set-ups and printer defaults do not translate between Windows 98 and any current operating system - they must be embedded within the deployment platform.


Keeping pace with technology (Hardware, operating system and development environment) is one of the most basic costs of doing business with software in a responsible fashion. If you are not doing this, then I'm afraid that your clients/customers are being short-changed. Sorry to put it so bluntly.

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