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Print Records Being Browsed Missing Records


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I have a networked database that, when I try to Print Records Being Browsed, cuts off some or all of the fields in the last record of some pages, first record of other pages. Sometimes it looks okay in Preview, but records are missing in print. has anyone else encountered this?KMB

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There's a couple of things you can try:


1. are you UK or US based? If UK based, make sure your print setup is setup to the proper paper size; I have a default printsetup that runs at start up; it seems that FM8 is very partial to US setup and it was giving me a bit of a headache


2. you can draw your field large and select in Layout Mode. Format: set sliding printing; select to slide your field up or over based on the contents; I use this often when the amount of notes varies


Give either a try and good luck!

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