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Quicktime movies and Instant Web Publishing


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Hello, I'm a brand new user of FMpro and am having a heck of a time with getting quicktime files to show when a web user accesses the database that has been published via Instant Web Publishing. Reading over the E-docs, I see there are some inherent problems with movies and other media, but there is no real clear solution.


Right now I have the movies in the web folder which is accessible to FMpro. Ideally the size of the container in the layout would get it's size from the movie file since they will be of varying sizes. Even better would be to get a standard size thumbnail which could be clicked on to get the full size movie in another window.


Another problem is that only Internet Explorer is able to view the movies... IE is a terrible, non-standards compliant browser however and I would like to make the movies viewable in all browser's for maximum accessibility and ease of use.


My first approach was using my own HTML to get this thing to work. I found no default pages to edit however, and trying to embed HTML into a text field didn't work since FMpro parses the HTML special characters into entities so as to always display as text. A pretty nice feature actually since many other programs that generate HTML are too lazy to do this.


So if anyone has any suggestions, work-arounds, hacks, or comments that I'm SOL, I would appreciate it greatly... thanks!!

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Hi gpix


I see your post was ages ago. I just wondered if you ever got a solution to the whole quicktimes across the web problem. I'm having the same problem myself.




The Critter

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