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Pop-up List item selection


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I have a database that contains a client record with a client id (numeric) and name (text). I use this data for a popup list in a related record so the user can select the client id easily. It is set up to display both the id number and name and works properly when an id is selected. The list is sorted in ascending order by the id number. The problem is that any attempt to 'type in' part of the id to move to that part of the list does not work. For example if a user typed in '3' as if they were going to id 3 or 33, it immediately drops them to id 300 in the list and will not move from there. I know from experience that if the id field is text, the selection will move from selection to selection as more of the id is typed in. I would just convert the id field to text, but then it gets sorted in alphabetic rather than numeric order. What am I missing?

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