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Displaying modifiying account name for multiple related tables


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Hello again,


I am stuck on what seems like should be an easy problem to solve.

I have records in a database layout that contain fields from five different related tables. When an entry gets updated in any of the fields from the master table a modification timestamp updates accordingly but in order to get a mod timestamp that reflects modifications to any of the related fields in the same record of that layout I have a calculation that references a mod timestamp in each of the related tables. This works fine:


Max(moddate ; rTable2::moddate ; rTable3::moddate ; rTable3::moddate)


It simply calculates the most recent timestamp in any related table.

However I am unable to find a way to display or calculate the associated modifying Account Name in the same way. There may be several different users making changes to related fields in a record but how can I make sure that the most recent modifiers name is diplayed along with the timestamp regardless of which related table it was changed in? The 'Max' function obviously won't work in this way.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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Never mind, fixed it and it was easy.

cLastmod is the name of the calc field for the 'Max' function above.



cLastmod=moddate ; modname ;

cLastmod=rTable2::moddate ; rTable2::modname ;

cLastmod=rTable3::moddate ; rTable3::modname ;

cLastmod=rTable4::moddate ; rTable4::modname ;



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