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Filemaker 5.5 compatible with filemaker 5?


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FileMaker 5.5 has a small handful of features which didn't exist in FileMaker 5.0; you can open any .fp5 file in FileMaker 5.0, it's just that if it has some of those 5.5 features in the Scripts or Field Definitions (5.5 introduced the GetField function, for example) or Access Privileges (5.5 marked the introduction of Record-Level Access), you'd see in the script or field def or you'd get odd error messages about "no records matching this request" when you first open the database even though no Find was ever performed (5.0 treats Record-Level Access formulas like badly garbled Find requests, apparently).


You can, similarly, open solutions developed in and for FileMaker 6 with FileMaker 5.0 (or 5.5) since FileMaker 6 also uses the .fp5 file format. You'd see even more functions and calls not recognized by FileMaker 5.0 (Find/Replace, Show Custom Dialog, etc), but it would generally "work".


The flip side is that if you're a developer and want to prevent someone from opening your solution in an earlier FileMaker version that can open that file type, you have to trap for Status(CurrentAppVersion) or Get(ApplicationVersion) in your run-on-file-open script and shut it down if the number you get back is too old. Otherwise stuff you write may fail to work as planned because of functions calls and whatnot that don't work in those older versions.

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Thanks for your help Hunter,

FMP 5.5 is hard and expensive (even on ebay) to come by nowadays. I have the choice between a free 4.1 or a cheap 5.0 version. I will prob. go with the newer program. I would maybe get 8.5, but I keep on getting customers that have still 5.5. Oh, what to do, what to do? :confused:

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