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Pop-Up where you want it!


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With the new Filemaker 8.5 and the new ability to assign object names to any layout object, you can now have your pop-up windows show up where you want them. For example, let's say you have a script that runs a report. When you run this script, it displays a small pop-up window with "StartDate" and "EndDate" fields to allow users to select a date range for the report before it runs. You have a button on a layout that runs this script.


With Filemaker 8.5 you can have the pop-up window always show up on top of the button regardless of the location of the window at the time the button is clicked on.


Here is how to do i!


1. Assign a name to the button that runs the script. Let's assume you used "Report" as your object name.


2. Add these steps to the beginning of your script:


Set Variable [ $$Top; Value:GetLayoutObjectAttribute ("Report" ; "Top") ]

Set Variable [ $$Left; Value:GetLayoutObjectAttribute ("Report" ; "Left") ]

New Window [ Name: "Select Dates" ]

Go to Layout [ “Select Dates” (Inventory) ]

Show/Hide Status Area

[ Lock; Hide ]

Adjust Window

[ Resize to Fit ]

Move/Resize Window [ Current Window; Top: $$Top; Left: $$Left ]

Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ]


The most important step here is that you are telling the script to move the window to the location of the button you just clicked on by using the values on the "$$Top" and "$$Left" variables which set themselves at the beginning of the script using the "GetLayoutObjectAttribute" function.


Good Luck to everyone from Coolboy!

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Thanks for the tip: I used it to create a pop-up window so when a user clicks on a field's label (a button), a pop-up appears with a definition for that label; it's much more legible than the eensy-weensy type in the Custom Dialog box!


I ran into a slight snag, though: when a user clicks on the label button the pop-up window appears on top of the "original" window, but the original window suddenly shifts to the left and is shrunken a little bit from its original maximized state.


As you can see in the script I tried freezing the window but to no avail.


Any suggestions?




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If you are using a maximized style interface, you may need to inser an additional step that will first resize the original window to a size a little wider and taller than the user's screen; this will make the window appear maximixed. I created a small sample file, with a 2 step script. Take a look!

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Thanks again! I'll have to revisit my coding: my pop-up doesn't appear over the button...I'll give it more thought tomorrow when I have both brain cells up and running after downing a quad-shot mocha.

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