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Validate 6 fields each other


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I have a database that at least 1 of 6 determined fields must have a value on it.


For Example: Price 1, Price 2, Price 3, Price 4, Price 5 and Price 6. At least one of these fields must have a value, but NOT two of them together or more can have a value.


Do I have to Validate each 'Number field' through 'options'? or should I use something more complicated?


Appreciate your comments on this issue!



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a) Why does each record have six price-slots, of which only one is allowed to actually have a price? There must have been a purpose behind this, but I can't help but suspect that there's a better way of attaining it.


b) Each field can have a validation formula consisting of the other 5 fields all being blank. That covers "only one can have a value". As far as "at least one of these fields must have a value", you have to ask yourself "must have a value in order for the user to be allowed to do WHAT?" No easy way of selecting six fields and making one of them (but not specifying which one) a required field, but you can require that not all six fields be blank as a validation formula on other fields, and as something you test for in scripts.


c) I can't think of a good "c" clause so I'll just repeat "a" again: what in the world led to their being six fields for the same purpose only one of which is allowed to contain data? Don't you want to rethink that?

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Hi, guys!

Now i tried such.

I crearted one Calc field Sum=Abs(f1)+Abs(f2)+Abs(f3)+Abs(f5)+Abs(f6)

Then each field f1,f2,... i validated by calculation Sum-Abs(f1)=0,Sum-Abs(f2)=0 and it seems works.

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