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Input layout


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I try to create the input layout that let the user input username and his/her password.

-If the username and password don't match, i use

"Set Field" script to clear the fields username and password( Set Field [username;""], and password too). However, on the screen, it still shows the name and password. I don't know why??

- In the field password, it should just appear the "*" or "." when users type any character, i think a lot but don't figure it out. Any hints will be appreciated.



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You can use Show Custom Dialog for this. It allows you to specify the use of •••• for password entry.

But you can also use the built-in privileges and account settings....


From what you wrote, I cannot see why the clearing of the fields fails. Please tell a bit more on how you set this up.



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I have used "Show Custom Dialog", however when i do a comparision b/t the username that i just typed and usernames in my database(similarily with passwords), the letter case doesn't matter ( "Thanks" = "thanks"). Is there any ways that makes the case matter?

Any advives would be appreciated.



P.S: Thanks Kjoe alot.

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