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Hi guys. I posted an earlier thread asking for help with passwords in file maker 5. Since then i've managed to upgrade to file maker 8.Anyways i'm designing a database for a school. Wherein the teachers are required to input information about their classes into a page that is exclusively theirs (namely individual records of a particular layout) . So basically I want to know how to set a password for individual records. How do I go about doing this in file maker pro 8? Thanx for your help.

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Hi, burno_06.

Create Global field Teacher_Password.

Create self relation from this field to Teacher_Id with allowing create record.

Then create layout with portal of this relation.

Each teacher must know only his ID and put it in Teacher_pasword field.

This field must be up of portal.

After putting each teacher in the portal will se only his records.

In this way you dont need password.

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Use the built-in accounts and passwords. This is what they're there for. In the privilege set definition, you can setup Custom Records access, and define record level access (RLA) privileges. One of the rules for your Enrollment table's RLA can be that Teacher::Classroom = Enrollment::Classroom, or something similar.


To streamline the user interface, you'll probably want to store the current teacher's ID or Classroom in a global so it can be used as a parent key in a filter to show only those Classrooms/Students that that teacher has access to.

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