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FileMaker Business Tracker and E-Mail


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Hi all,


I am a total newbie and I really need your help. I am trying to customize the free FileMaker Business Tracker solution. I managed to create a script that can save the invoice in the following format:

(Invoice #_PO Number). What I try to do now is to add a script step that would let me send this saved invoice directly to the Project Manager (SalesPerson) directly and creating an e-mail message that has in the subject field the following wording:


Invoice # (InvID) for PO# (PONum)


And in the body message, I would like to have the following text:


Please find Invoice # (InvID) for PO number (PONum) attached.


Kind regards,

My Name



Is this doable? I am a total newbie, so please give me step-by-step instructions.


Thanks for your help in advance!

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In FileMaker, almost anything is doable :)


Using those pre-built solutions is not always the best way to learn how to design solutions yourself: it's set up a certain way but you're not the one who set it up and therefore you can't always explain to other folks the system you're trying to modify.


a) What do you mean by "save the invoice in the following format"? That phrase doesn't parse for me at all. Do you mean you're trying to create a printable screen that has certain specific fields on it? Or are you printing out an invoice as a PDF file and you want to automatically name the PDF with a specified file name? And/or save it to a specified folder/subfolder location?


b) I don't understand the "send this saved invoice directly to the Project Manager" either. I suppose both of these phrases might make a little more sense if I download the freebie modules and pull them apart and see how they tick...


c) Your main requests seems to pertain to automating the sending of email with specific subject and body (and file attachment? The PDF?). Try this:


Set Variable [$EmailURL, "mailto:"&TableOccurrenceName::SalesPerson&" "&"?Subject=Invoice #"&TableOccurrenceName::InvID&" for PO# "&TableOccurrenceName::PONum&"&Body=Please find invoice # "&TableOccurrenceName::InvID&" for PO number &"TableOccurrenceName::PONum&" attached."


Open URL [no dialog, $EmailURL]



I don't know the structure of the prebuilt freebie module, so you'll have to replace "TableOccurrenceName" with the actual TOs where the relevant data is, and the field names are based on what you posted. Modify and correct where necessary.




Set up your email client with a personality that has stationery that includes the footer "Kind Regards, Your Name . ("Personality" and "stationery" are Eudora terms, other email clients call them other things).


The email will pop up in your designated email program, all ready for you to hit "send". If you have multiple personalities defined in your email program* and the one you use for sending these things out is not your default, take a moment to switch the personality, then add a manual note if you wish (optional), and hit "send".





* no psychiatrist jokes please

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Hi AHunter3,


A Million thanks to your detailed explanation. I appreciate it!


1) Yes, I meant by "save the invoice in the following format" that the name of the saved PDF file will be named according to Invoice Number_PO Number. So, if I have an invoice with an invoice # 50 and PO # 20, the invoice PDF file name will be named as: 50_20.pdf.


2) I meant by (send this saved invoice directly to the Project Manager) that:

Once the Invoice PDF aboved is created and saved to my desktop for example, then an Outlook or Eduora message will be created automatically with the just created invoice PDF file (50_20.pdf) attached along with all other information (To: Field, Subject Field, and the body message text).


I hope this wording is OK now and make things clear.

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