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I am a beginer at filemaker pro. I have used Access and am a beginer at it also, but am use to the way it works more. I am working with filemaker pro 7.0 and need to know how to display the contents of a table in a template, that are related to a true or false feild in the table.


for example: I have a table that has the following feilds

Workers Id

First name

Last name

Sur Name

Communities Id


Secondary Workers

Guest Workers


The "Main workers" is a Check box that has only yes as an option and I want to be able to make a report that shows only the {yes} "Main workers"


is there any one that coould help me with this?


acob Melnick

Anything Builders


177 Perry Rd.

Cochecton, NY 12720

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Go into Find mode, click into the Mainworkers field to make its value turn to "yes", hit Enter to perform the Find.



We don't generally call the results of a simple Find a "report" but there you go.


If you want to print out the results as a list, go to (or create) a List View layout for this table.

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I don't know if this is going to work. the reson is that I have a "Layout" that has to have a header and other information in difrent areas. The list of workers would be in a sub form or somthing of the like. for example in a statement you would have the information that is in relation to the customer in a lower area and the customer address and so on in the top area, making a "report" as i have called it.


so we are trying to capture the workers and the job that they are working on.


is this making sense?

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Well, you could


a) create a relationship between a value "Yes" (which could be placed into a global field or could be a constant field defined as "Yes") and the field Mainworkers. Then create a calc field, MainworkerCount, = Count(ThatRelationship::Mainworkers) and toss that field onto your report layout.


b) Do a Find for records such that Mainworkers = "Yes". Then set a global number field to 0, then loop through the found records, setting the global number field to itself + 1, go to next record, exit after last. Put that global number field onto your layout report.


c) Do the Find for records such that Mainworkers = "yes" after doing all other finds and sorts and whatnot, if that's an option. Then all you need is a calc number field, defined as Get(FoundCount). Put that field onto your layout.


d) Play with Filemaker and discover any of the myriad other methods possible for doing whatever you want. Anyone who could get the hang of Access is going to be able to do FileMaker. Seriously.

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I might not be understanding ... it won't be the first time. Do you have a child table holding the related items which you want to list? Perform a find on "Yes" then GTRR to this child table. I think your report should be designed there. You would put the worker information (from your parent table) in the header and the body would be the child items. Use your existing relationship from WorkerID to child::WorkerID. So perform your find then execute Go To Related Records [ Show Only Related Records; Match Found Set (Match All Records in Found Set) ; From Table: "child". Sub-form makes me think one-to-many relationship. Just a thought ...


Ah! Your Workers *is* your child table! Then add a leading part to your list layout, put your CompanyID in it (and be SURE to sort on it). Also include any other company details in the leading part). Workers will be the body! I think. Opps!



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thank you Ahunter3. I have not implemented your ideas but a) seems the most logical in my sircumstance.


Yes it seems to be coming together and it is vastly diferent then the way Access works (things are not in the same places), but i am getting the feal for it. the more I drudge the quicker i become.


again thank you for your help.



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