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Using a pop-up menu to change layout?


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This is my first post so be gentle. :)


I am trying to change layout using a pop-up menu.


I know this is possible since I have a solution in front of me right now, but it´s a tricky one. This solution uses a button triggering a script with parameters. Activates a field with a pop-up menu (using troi activator plugin) and then based on chosen value changes layout. This is a short description. To me it seems very complicated though I understand it.


Is there an easy way to do this? The main problem to me seems that I can't normally trigger a script in a field containing a pop-up menu and at the same time use the pop-up functionality.


Thanks for reading!


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Thanks alot!


That therad helped me.


The polling version with a loop is perfect. Just that the record state should be 2 instead of 1.


Thanks once again!

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