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Print setup (restore) NOT WORKING Windows XP&98


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I understand how print setup (restore) is supposed to work;


When it is used, the script should change the CURRENT print setup to what it WAS WHEN THE SCRIPT WAS WRITTEN.


I have scripts for printing invoices and different copies, but they simply DO NOT WORK!! I put dialog boxes in the scripts so the user can correct as they go, you can also see that it trys/intends to print with the CURRENT print settings disregarding the command to restore.


I have tried to fix this several times and is simple won't work as is should.



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Yep, good ol' Print Setup. Bane of many a programmer's existence in every version before 7/8.


Delete the Print Setup command. Close the script to save the changes (now lacking a Print Setup. Exit the ScriptMaker™. Do a manual Print Setup to establish the settings. Reopen the Script. Add back in the step "Print Setup".


Keep in mind that if the part that isn't restoring is "Current Record" versus "Records Being Browsed", the fault lies not in the Print Setup [restore] but in the actual Print command. You'd have to nuke, OK/Done your way out of the Script and Scriptmaker, reopen and restore the Print command to fix that setting.


Keep in mind also that if you're using one printer driver and the users experiencing the problem (assuming it isn't you at your own workstation experiencing the described problem) are using a different kind of printer with a different driver, Print Setup [restore] may simply not work correctly.


Also, it doesn't function correctly cross-platform. You have to independently set the Print Setup on MacOS 9 and MacOS X and Windows and embed each platform's separate printing parameters in the script in order for Print Setup [Restore] to work on all 3 platforms.

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Does it fail to work from the very same computer that you used to edit the script? Or only from the user's computer?


What page setup are you manually using before putting in the script step? (portrait, landscape? 8.5 x 11, A4, 11 x 17, A5? 100%, 75%, 120%?) What is it doing instead when you use the script to restore page setup?


What printer driver (lexmark, apple laserwriter, hp laserjet, epson stylus photo, etc)?


If you create a brand new script that just does a Print Setup [restore], can you make THAT one work, i.e., is it just this one troublesome script? Or can you repeat the problem-occurrence in a separate script / can't make it work right in a separate script?

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I tried a completely new script which JUST changed print settings - this still did not work.


The 1st thing it fails is that it goes to the wrong printer - the currently configured printer, not the one 'saved with the scrip' thats bad enough not to then care about paper size and or orientation....


I'll work more on it tonight, maybe try an entirely fresh file.



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The script doesn't save printer choice. It only saves Print Setup and applies it to the current printer choice. I don't think it saves the choice of printers even in FileMaker 8 and it certainly doesn't under FileMaker 6.


So you have to make the desired printer be the default printer, the one that comes up when you go Control-P or Command-P.




Many printers will respond decently well to Print Setup [restore] as set for a different printer, but many will not. (Local inkjet printers are notoriously bad about not obeying Print Setup instrux originally set up for networked laser printers, for instance).


If the printer in question needs to NOT be the default printer and you DO need to switch printers on-the-fly, it can be done on a Windows box under FileMaker 6 but it's a bit messy.


You need to abstract out the Windows Registry instruction that changes the default printer to the printer you want to print to (make the change manually and then find what it did in the Registry); then restore the default printer to the users' normal printer and abstract out the Registry instrux for that as well. In FileMaker, assemble those instructions in a script and then use the Send Message command to pass then to RegEdit, or export them as a plain text file ending in ".reg" and use Send Message to execute the file. Then after doing your print job, assemble the other set of instructions, the one for switching default printer back to the true default printer, do the Send Message trick, and it should be back as it was.


Umm, back up your registry before experimenting.

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OK, I think you clarified the situation...


That the print setup function does NOT CHANGE the printer, just the settings OF the currently selected printer.


I will put a reminder screen in for the users to make sure they 1st select which printer they want to use before proceeding.


Not the way I wanted it, however now I know what you can and cannot do




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