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Send mail function problems


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Dear all,


I'm a new member with a problem:


I'm experiencing problems with the "Send mail" function in some computers. When I try to send an e-mail using that function on a button, taking the e-mail address from a text field or giving the function directly the e-mail address, I get an error message stating that Filemaker has generated errors and shuts down.


Worst, sometimes the error causes some file to "hook" the license number on the machine, so when you try to reopen Filemaker the "too many users with this license number" shows. Curiously, you can try again a bit later and the license has been "unhooked" and it is available.


Most curious, this function DOES work on some machines. We are using Filemaker Pro 7.0v2, in Spanish, and the operating system is Windows 2000 5.00.2195 in Spanish, with Service Pack 4 installed.


Is this error caused by a system library? How can I solve the problem so the button works in all computers?


Best regards,

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