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Importing images from file


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I would like to import a series of images en masse, but the filename is not splitting out into the filename field. Is there a setup that I'm missing?


thanks for your help



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Assuming you have a Container field, "Image", and a text field, "ImageName":


Go to the File menu, select Import Records --> Folder.


I believe the default if "Picture and Movie files", leave it that way. If it's on the other value, switch it to "Picture and Movie files". Click "Specify..."

where it says "Folder Location" and navigate into your folder. Click "Continue".


When "Import Field Mapping" comes up, drag "ImageName", where it appears on the right, up to be next to "File Name" on the left. Drag "Image" up to be next to "Image" on the left. There should be an arrow pointing from the Image and File Name fields on the left to the corresponding fields on the right, but if not, click on the thin gray line between the fields and it should turn into an arrow:


Image => Image


like that.


At the bottom of the screen, make sure "Add New Records" is selected (it should be). Click "Import".


You can also add a container field for a Thumbnail-sized version of the image (FileMaker will create it for you on-the-fly) and another text field for the File Path, if you want. If you do so, again you have to drag the fields on the right to match up with the ones on the left.

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