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Related Records Until Time Or Record=X?


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Hi I am trying to improve our CRM for members that calculates how much they gave in a "membership year", which is defined as "twelve months or until they give another renewal" which would be in response to a visit. Vist pledges get stamped as "renewals" in which case that begins a new "cycle" and "additional" pledges should only be added to the most recent pledge, not the earlier one. It works for additionals after 12 months but not ones that occur earlier than 12 months but after a subsequent renewal, which occasionally happens when we visit them a little early.


The way I currently find pledges in the next 12 months is by their Key+Year+Month for nonRenewal pledges, which is not entirely accurate if they begin late in the month, so I would love to ditch that method in lieu of actual days instead of rounded months.


Example, member joins on may 15 for $100, in aug they give additional gift of $50. For the cycle they have given $150. If they renew (early) in march for $100 it is not counted in first cycle because it is stamped renewal. However if they give an "additional" gift to the website in april, it is within 12 months of the first one but I don't want it to count toward the first cycle, only the second.


So is there a way I can build a relationship that is based on all matching pledges up to 365 days from now. Additionally, it should stop counting pledges if it encounters a pledge that is stamped "renewal". I want to do all this without stamping the additional pledges what renewal pledge they belong to so the system remains dynamic, but so far that is the only hack I can think of.


thanks in advance

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