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Calculation Fields & Value Lists


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Hopefully a new explanation will solve my problem.

I have two tables: clients and tickets related to each other by a client ID number.


Some of the fields in the client table are calculation fields that give me totals from the tickets table for each individual client such as a field named completed which is a calulation field shown in the fields section as - unstored, from clients,=(count(tickets::ticketno)-count(tickets::pickup))-remaining. Basically this counts all the tickets for any client subtracts all the pieces that have already been picked up and then subtracts all the remaing (another calculation) pieces giving me a total of all pieces that are completed. Another field (piecesforpickup) uses the calculation if (completed>=1:"Yes";"No"), gives me the correct yes or no but because it and the other fields used to give me this value are based on related fields, summary fields or unstored calculations it can not be stored or indexed. Because it can not be indexed I am unable to use it for a value list based on clients with completed pieces.


What I need is a way to get the piecesforpickup field to be index(able).


LaRetta was helping earlier in a previous post about the same topic but I don't think I made the situation entirely clear. I hope this post makes my problem a little clearer and that someone might be able to give me some advise or an answer.


Thank you.

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Well, some key piece of info is still missing, because if you could index PiecesForPickup and then created a Value List based on all values in that field, what would your value list look like?





Since I'm assuming you weren't anticipating having a value list giving you the two variables Yes and No, could you explain where you expected to deploy the value list if you could get it working, and what you would expect to be in that value list?


Are you by any chance hoping to get a value list consisting of the CLIENTS who happen to have a PiecesForPickup status of "Yes" (or for that matter "No")?


You could generate that value list from within the Tickets file instead if the value of the Clients::Remaining field could be placed in the Tickets records of each client (lookup? calculation based on lookups?) and could be indexed there...and if there is no issue with regards to the theoretical possibility of a Client who has no Tickets whatsoever (and therefore no values of any sort for the proposed field).


What is the formula/logic for the field "Remaining"?

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