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Inventory Management


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I am in the process of building a few different clients, inventory systems. The systems are working, they have glitches as usual. But I'm working though these problems.


My questions are more for a reference to see what the "Correct" way to track inventory is. There is always a proper way to do something, then ways that work. Sadly the ways that work, may not be the best ways to do something.


Has anyone ever successfully implemented a inventory system and how?

Did you manage the tracking of serial numbers and how? Do you track every item as a single record? or the whole receiving quantity as a record?

Are there any normalization or rules/guidelines to follow when tracking inventory? Do you have to track the inventory removal costs? or do you calculate the value of your inventory by the average of the receiving values and multiplying by the quantity?


Can anyone recommend further reading, books, articles, forums, or websites that discuss the creation, and implementation of a great inventory system?


I don't have time to learn from my own mistakes, I need to kick start my knowledge and create systems that my clients can be proud of.


Thank you all for your help, and input!

~ Criss

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