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Speeding up Calculation Fields


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I have a slew of calculation fields in one of my files. However, 90% of them are calculations of related fields, and -- as far as I know -- they cannot be indexed. Consequently, the page loads VERY slowly.


Is there any other way in Filemaker 5.5 to speed up the calculation field displays?



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I don't think anyone can tell unless you tell more about the database structure and what it's for, if it operates in a network and if so how. Generally, if the related file gets large it will be slower. So one option would be to archive records that are not relevant to you anymore.



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Unstored calculations must recalculate every time they are displayed. They will be faster if you:


1) display on a form layout instead of list or table view. Since only what is displayed gets calculated, it is much faster. Also (when on list and table layouts), every scroll will force a recalculation so avoid them if possible.


2) keep the number of records smaller, ie, perform your find BEFORE switching to the layout so the draw only applies to the found set.


3) decrease the number of calculation fields you display at one time.


4) include a Freeze Window[] before the layout switch but after your find.


5) similar to 2 (and as suggested by kjoe), restrict your relationship to only the set you need at one time. But archive isn't really necessary - only a filter on the relationship.


These various methods will help. But the issue plagues us all ...

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Hi Laretta,


I agree with most of what you're saying. 2 and 3 make the most sense, and I don't know if 4 would work (or why).


Here's the basic structure.


Database A is a join file between Databases B and C, with several calculations.


Then, Database B sums up the records in Database A - based on similar records using a id field, and reports them onto another sheet on Database B.


It's that reporting that takes SOOOO LONNNNGGGG to show up.


Easiest thing - really - is for me to send the file...someone well-versed in FM (I am not) would probably be able to diagnose the problem in mere minutes, as I'm POSITIVE this DB was not created in the most efficient way possible.



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