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Exporting Finanacial data to MYOB


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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction re exporting data from filemaker into MYOB.


I know there is a plugin for Quickbooks?


I have built a cashbook facility and some customers would like to export the data out of FM and into MYOB.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Kind regards Ron

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we have a system imiplemented but its for Sage. in our system we take the required fields and place them into a new table - then we export the table into a export folder and then import the file from sage and all the reuired details have been entered. sorry its a bit vague its just been a long time since we done this as its working for over a year now.

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Hi Ron,

1)If you are using FileMaker(Win) & MYOB(Win)

You can use ODBC to export filemaker data into CSV / TSV files. And then import data from these files into MYOB file.


2) If you are using FileMaker(Mac) and MYOB(Mac)

You can develop applescript application to export-import data from and to filemaker with the help of "send event" script

or can add applescript in "send event" script.

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