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Development needed for publicity company


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Hey there,

My first post - so i hope it's the right place to do so.


I run a small publicity and promotions company in australia and am looking to move away from our manual "system" involving a mix of FileMaker, Excel and Outlook to one central program.


I've looked at various CRM's but they aren't flexible enough and i'm thinking that a specialised FMP solution may work.


Basically we have a database of 600 media contacts each with unique target areas, types of publications, types of music catered for etc etc...we secure a campaign, search our dbase for a target group, sort through and delete inappropriate media ad then beging the campaign.


I want to be able to log emails against specific campaigns and media contacts, view if they have received samples, what follow ups we have done...that kind of stuff.


I realise that's my description is broad but if anyone can help point me in the right direction to seek help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Yeah, FileMaker's the way to go. You can do all your Excel-like and Outlook-like functions within FileMaker.


There may be Aussie developers who would probably be your ideal choice, but if you don't mind a remote developer and a long-distance work relationship, I'm one (probably among many, watch for subsequent replies) who would be happy to do it for you as a consultant.


Looks pretty straightforward, although I'd want to query you about some about the workflow before banging out some tables and screens.

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I'm happy to work remotely...we just really can't continue working the "system" we're currently using. Happy to provide any info as needed to find the right person and make a move on it.

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i have developed several custom filemaker databases - i work from and do network administration for multiple companies in the reno/sparks, nv and sacramento, ca areas. in fact, an apple engineer (owners of Filemaker) visited our tech center (i was vp, dir of information systems at the time) and stated he had no idea filemaker could do all the things we were doing with it.


anyway - i do have some free time - several examples of my work are available if you would like to see the qualtiy of design and functionality



p.s. - filemaker, excel and outlook all "play" well together these days. you may find that a solution to "automate" the interaction of those programs may be a more comprehensive solution. filemaker is a great database program, but it is not a spreadsheet program and if you need real spreadsheet functionality, simple putting that data into filemaker isn't going to get you there.

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Umm, the original poster only posted twice, and the last post date was well over a year ago. I would assume that if this person is still seeking a FileMaker Developer, that seeking is taking place elsewhere.


Fear not, your services will be welcomed in other threads!

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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