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Parse 3 letters form 2 fields and 2 portals


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I have a CustomerName portal and a CustomerInfo Portal on the same layout. What I want to do is this.


In the CustomerInfo portal I want a new field called “Together” and I want it to contain the first letter of the CompanyName and the first two letters of a field called CompanyEct that are both in the CustomerName portal.


So if the CompanyName field says,


“Porter Foods Corp” and the CompanyEct field says “Mostler”,


the new field will read “PMO”!


How would you do this?


Thanks for your help,



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To give you the best answer, we would need to know what relationships you have set up between the various tables.


To do what you want, you need a relationship between the CustomerName and the CustomerInfo tables. In the CustomerInfo table, you create a calculation field something like:


Left(CustomerName:: CompanyName; 1) &

Left(CustomerName:: CompanyEct; 2)


But you would need to use your actual table occurrence names which you have not provided.

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Hi David,


I can see that I need to give you more information.


The CompanyName and CompanyEct fields are in the table called [Customer].


On my layout, the CompanyName field and the CompanyEct field are in the portal called Detail_CustomerName.


I have another Portal called Detail_CustomerInfo which Is where I need the new calculation to reside. Detail_CustomerName and Detail_CustomerInfo are not related to each other but they are both related to the [Customer] table by CustomerID.


From your post I set up a calc field as follows and put the filed in my Detail_CustomerInfo portal but it does not work.


Left(Detail_CustomerName::CompanyName; 1) &

Left(Detail_CustomerName::CompanyEct; 2)


Any additional help you can give me will be most appreciated.



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More confused!

What table is the main layout based on? (where the portals are)

What table is the table occurrence Detail_CustomerInfo based on?

What table occurrences have you set up and what are the relations between them?

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