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+ Signs for positive numbers


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Field Parameters:


-Defined as a number field

-Formatting to two decimal places (all other options are default)




I would like to have a field, with the above parameters, that places a "+" sign in front of all positive numbers and zero. Basically, it will act exactly like the "-" sign dose for negative numbers; but will be a "+" for any value >= to 0.


Does anyone know how this could be done, while maintaing the above field parameters?





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Since that's not a valid number format, you'll need to do this yourself with a text calculation. But whether you put the + within the same field as the result depends on how that result may be used elsewhere. It may be safer to put the calculated pluses in separate fields so they don't interfere with other calcs where the numbers are used.


The calculation itself is easy:


Case(field >= 0; "+")

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Thanks Ender,


I kind of thought that it would require separate fields, or changing to text fields…which would allow you to do what you want, but would require all of the formatting to be done via calculations, to recreate what a number field offers so easily with just a few clicks.


I was just hoping some option was available that I was not aware of.



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