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I've been stuck on this problem with my find script for a couple of days now.


For the sake of describing my problem, here's basically what I have:


- 2 tables related on an ID field (relationship is one-to-many, if it helps to conceptualize it, table1 contains companies, and table2 contains years of participation in an event). Let's call table 1 "Companies" and table 2 "Participation".


- A layout that contains all the info from Companies, as well as a portal to Participation that shows only 1 record (it's sorted in descending order on the "year" field so it always displays the most recent year of participation).


I am trying to write a script so that people can set the portal to show previous years of participation (based on a value selected in a global popup field called "year_jump") instead of only the most recent one. Here's my script:


Set Variable [$current_company_id; Value:Companies:company_id]

Set Variable [$jump_to_year; Value:Participation:year_jump]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [participation::year, $jump_to_year]

Set Field [participation::company_ID; $current_id]

Perform Find[]


The script is correctly finding the company that participated in the year specified by "year_jump", but it is not showing the correct year in the portal. It still only shows the most recent year of participation. How can I get the portal to show the year of participation that was specified by "year_jump" ?


Please let me know if you need clarification or for me to post a sample file. Thanks so much for your help in advance.

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This would be easier if you just use another table occurence of Participation linked to Company by CompanyID AND Year. Use a globally stored text or number field in Company to hold the Year Choice. The relationship would look like:


Company Participation by Selected Year =

Company::CompanyID = Participation by Selected Year::CompanyID

AND Company::gYear Choice = Participation by Selected Year::Year


If you only ever have one Participation record per Year, then just place the Participation by Selected Year fields on the Company layout. If there could be more than one per year, then use a portal of Participation by Selected Year.


By doing this through a relationship, no scripts or Finds are necessary. The Participation information changes when the Year Choice changes.

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Wow, thanks so much. That makes a lot more sense. I used to use Filemaker a ton back on versions 5/6, and am just now getting back in the game with version 8. Not totally used to everything it can do with the related tables and such.


I'm going to try this out right now and I'll post again if I have more trouble. Thanks again!

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