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A portal management question


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How do you handle this? In my customer file that has a “People Portal” with the fields of First_name, Last_name, Extension and Department. There is also a “Phones Portal” with the fields Phone and Phone type.


What do you do when you have a direct line phone number to someone or a bunch of someone’s? The same is true of emails. You need to be able to show whom the emails pertain to or its just useless information. So what do you do, put People and Phones in the same file? I see that as a possibility, but i’ve never seen it done that way. As a matter of fact i’ve not seen a solution doing what i’m talking about here either. If someone has something like this i’d love to see it, but will be very happy with your ideas.


Thanks for your help,



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I think this is mainly a structural problem rather than an interface problem.


You have to figure out for this particular situation if it makes more sense for Phone to be related to Customer or to Person. I generally think of the Company having a Main Phone, but everyone within that Company as having their own list of Phone numbers.


In cases where there's multiple sites for a Customer, it may make the most sense to relate an Address (Sites) table to Customer, where Main Phone is a field in the Address table. Then for each Person within that Company you select which of the Customer Sites is the Site for that Person. But even in this case, I'd still have Phone related to Person.

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