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Filemaker is eating my data


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I use Filemaker Pro 7 for a number of databases, and have never had any problems. However, one of the computers on which my team is working is having a major problem with at least one file. I have someone else inputting data, and the file has "eaten" all the data she has input. This has happened several times -- we have reinstalled the backup file, which was fine, and the information disappears again -- first in a few records, then gradually in all of them. The records themselves are still there, but they have absolutely no data in them. We are working on an imac, and there is no virus protection on it (but no evidence for a virus). I've been afraid to open any of hte other files on the computer, in case the same thing happens. Any ideas?

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After a good backup is made



1] Open file on another machine.... Check data entry

If this is good

1A] Said Machine should be checked to make sure operator is not A

entering data while in find mode.


2] On affected machine go to preference folder and throw out

Filemaker prefs, next go to applications folder and throw out

FileMaker folder

3] Empty the trash can.


4] Re-Install FileMaker 7


5] Go to FileMaker.com and download and install all updates for FM7

Should be running 7 v3


6] Try new version of FM out and see if the problem continues.

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Thank you so much. I dumped the Preferences file, deleted the application, and reinstalled it. I then opened the corrupted file, and the information had magically reappeared. We will see what happens when my data entry person begins work again, but for now, it looks like the problem is solved.

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