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Sending Keystrokes in Scripts


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Is there any way to do this? I want to send an 'enter' in the middle of a script...


What I have is a 'Find Records' script. Normally it works fine if the user just wants to bring up some records, but I have created reports that run with scripts that will take the user to a layout to enter their search criteria, find the records, then display the results in a different layout (a list format). If I just do a 'perform find' after they enter their search criteria, it just brings up the records in the current layout and never gets to the next script step to change layouts. If the user enters their search criteria then presses the 'enter' key (instead of the 'find records' button that I created), then it works fine.


Any way to do this? I'm still on Pro Advanced 8 v2 if it makes a difference...


Just realized that I posted this in the wrong place, can't figure out how to move/delete it!


Thanks for any help!

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In your Find script:


put a Pause/Resume Scrit step just before the Perform Find step.


Make 2 additional scripts:

1 to determine the Search results

- FoundCount = 0 --> Message "Your message when no records found"

Button for New Search and Cancel

- Else --> Browse Mode --> All Records --> your layout

- Halt Script


1 to Determine View after Search

- FoundCount > 1 --> go to your ListView layout


Call those scripts from your Search script.


The order will be:

Your search script steps...

Pause/Resume Script

Perform Find

Perform Script Determine the Search results

Perform Script Determine View after Search


Put a button on the search layout (Find It) with the simple Resume script step.

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