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Value List Word Wrap


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I'm considering using a value list for data entry. My issue is the data on the value list could be a sentence(s). Therefore, my question is: Is there a better way? or what are the constraints using the value list? I'm fairly new to FM, but I think it will work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You could consider storing the sentences in a separate table, one record per sentence; the records in this table hold an ID number field (call it SentenceID), a few keywords from the sentence in a field maybe called KeywordField, and the actual sentence. then two options are open:



Show keywords as value list:

Create a value list based on field values; make the first value the SentenceID field, the second value the KeywordField. Then create a relation between the field you attach the value list to (call it SelectField) and the ID field in the sentences table. Then create a text field Sentence in your original table; in the field options, have the sentence text looked up based on the relation SelectField::SentenceID.



Show the sentences in a portal and make the selection from there (this must be scripted). This has the advantage that the user can see the full word-wrapped stentence.


I hope this makes sense, if not please post again.



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