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Conditional Layout


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So does anyone know if it is possible, or if there is a way to accomplish the task of giving the user a visual cue that they are in find mode?


The problem is I have a lot of users that try to search for a contact, and if the results return nothing, it drops them back into browse mode on a record, and they don't notice and start changing the contact's company w/o paying attention, thinking they are still searching. I'm sure it doesn't take long to see how this is a problem. So I have done a quick hack by creating a dup layout of the contact screen, and when in find mode, the background of that dup layout is bright orange, then my find script sends them back to the normal layout upon hitting continue.


The issue is that if you just hit cntrl or command F instead of actually hitting my find button, the script isn't used, so it stays on the same layout. So how can I change the script in a way that makes it always called when in find mode, or to make a part of my primary layout change based on what mode you are in?




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If you restrict access to menus for their privilege sets, they won't be able to perform a Find (or a number of other more harmful actions) without using your scripts.


Your Find script can then navigate to an appropriate Find layout, with only the fields you want to allow searches on, and possibly navigate to a List layout to show the results.

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While your working on restrict access to menus for their privilege sets (the correct way to resolve the problem), you could do the following as a temp solution:


Define a new Calculation field: Cover_up, unstored, = TextColor(TextSize( TextFont( "████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████";"Courier New" ); 24 );RGB(255;255;255))


assuming a white body color


In layout mode add Text: "WARNING - IN LAYOUT MODE" on the layout in Red or something, then place a merge field "Cover_up" over the text and large enough to cover it, make sure you use Arrange: Bring to Front on the merge field.


The result is when in browse mode the merge field covers the text and since it's the same color as the layout the text is not shown, then when in find mode the text is displayed...


I can post an example if you need...



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blevey, that makes perfect sense, and I might wander down that path, just showing a flag when I'm in find mode or not.


I have already customized the menus, I just don't like the idea of having to disable features (keyboard nav) to force the workflow through the hoops I have designated. But apparently without writing/buying a customized plug-in, there is no way to control the menu options (aside from turning them off).


I know I use keyboard shortcuts for everything, so to take those away will not make me very happy. Fortunately, I also am not the one making the mistakes my other users are, so perhaps I just remove it for my lower class users, of course they are the ones using FM the most...


I'm sure I'll come up with something, and your solution might be one that I follow as I said...


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