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email notification with new or edited record?


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I accidentally posted this in the 8.5 version but I am using versions 7 and 8.


Is it possible to have the database automatically send me an email when someone changes or edits a record.



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Hello Matt,


The answer is yes and no. It can be done but its not just a simple checkbox or something like that. What you will need to do is script both the creation and the editing of the records. Then as part of the script you can have Filemaker launch the user's default emailing application. In Windows this generally means Outlook Express or Outlook Regular. I'm not a Mac guy so I don't know what the common email applications are. But the important take-away here is that Filemaker doesn't send the email itself it only has the ability to launch and populate a message using whatever email application is on the local machine. Also it will not actually send the message. You will have to rely on the user to do that.


There are SMTP plugins for Filemaker that will work seamlessly inside of your Filemaker solution to compose and send the message. You can build it so that most users will be unaware that a message is being sent.


The downside to plugins of course is cost, complexity, compatibility, etc.


Does this answer your question?

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here is some applescript code to auto send an email that can be incorporated into a script.

Mattmann, perhaps you should state your version and platform in your profile.



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