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Disable startup csripts


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Hi All

Does anyone know if there are any keyboard combinations that will open a file without running a startup script. (Filemaker Pro 8.5 and Win XP)


I was playing with a script adding a "close file" line and then inadvertently set this script to start when the file opens.


The result: the file opens and then immediately closes and I cannot gain access.





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Hi Gary,


On that script, did you set Error Capture On? If not, you must hit the [esc] rapidly, repeatedly the second you fire the app and don't stop until it responds. It's a timing thing. There is another way, even if you've set Error Capture on ...


Create a new file. In the new file, add a file reference to the broken one. Place an occurrence of the broken one in your graph. Create a layout based upon this broken file and put a field from it on the layout. When you go back to Browse, FM will call the file (to display the field). When you call a file because of a relationship, the file's startup script doesn't activate.


I haven't had to do this since vs. 6, but you may need to create a script to then jump to the other file (not by opening it, because it will already be open because you're displaying its field on the layout), but just to go to a layout in that file.



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Hi LaRetta


The escape key did not work, but I followed your instructions to create a new file with my file as a reference and it worked a treat. I was then able to edit the offending script and all is now ok.

Many many thanks for your help, you have saved me hours of re entering data.




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