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8.5 Messing Up Fonts on Layout


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I recently installed 8.5 and found that a font (ENGRAVERS GOTHIC BT) was misaligned on a layout and the data no longer fit inside the field boxes. When I opened the same file in V 8.03 - all was well again. I'm assuming something has changed in 8.5 regarding font support, but I have no idea what - nor have I seen anythinng written or mentioned. Any ideas or thoughts?


Mac OS X 10.4


Thanks in advance

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I'm having the same problem on databases that I designed almost 8 years ago Opps!, using the font TIMES NEW ROMAN, which I chose hoping for ease of cross platform support (yes, I'm even using it here).


When I open the files with V8.5 the vertical line spacing seems to be increased by app. 10 percent. When I go back to V8 everything works fine.


Anyone else experiencing this ?


P.S. Howdy to everyone, I was a FileMaker 1.0 user.... so stop looking to see how old I am smiley-tongue-out

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Yes - it appears not to be our imagination. 8.5 is mucking about with font sizes for some fonts - though no one seems to know why, and Filemaker is mum on the subject. Perhaps some light will be cast on the subject from Devcon?


I suspect it has to do with some true type font support - or lack of it in 8.5. Just a guess.

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Hi again -


Did any one hear abything at DevCon about this, by any chance?


What are the odds that FM will fix this problem in any furture 8.5.x?


Thanks, in advance.

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I, unfortunately, wasn't able to go to DevCon, but just spoke with someone who did. Apparently, FileMaker failed to mention this little piece of information. Here's what they said:

"When they were telling us all the wonderful things about 8v5 they failed to mention that little item."

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.S. Howdy to everyone, I was a FileMaker 1.0 user.... so stop looking to see how old I am




I didn't really get deep into FileMaker until 2.1, although I used 1.0 and some earlier versions to do lists with multiple records on a page, and which would put 4-5 records if the entries were short but only 1-3 if they were longer, via the old Slide & Reduce. (No other tool available could do that easily).


Did you AppleScript your 1.0 solutions to get "verbs"? (That was way beyond me at the time). I'm interested in seeing the maximum / most impressive solutions ever done in FileMaker 1 and before, just to see what the state of the art was back when I was such a newbie.

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