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Scripted export with dynamic filename?


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Hey everyone,


Does anyone know how to:


1. use the export records script step to create a file with a dynamic name? (i.e. exportedlogs_08102006.fp7 - having the date change depending on when it was exported)


2. Export records into a file on a host computer when accessing the DB from a client comp? (I use a pc and access a db which is located on a mac server. I would like it to export the records to a filemaker file on the mac server, not my local PC)


I think what I'm asking is similar to what this person had posted: http://filemakertoday.com/filemakertoday.com_non_ssl/com/showthread.php?t=9902&highlight=exporting

However, he didn't get any responses...


I'm using FM Pro Adv 8.5 and the Mac server is FM Pro 8 Server


Any help is always appreciated!





Filemaker Goblin

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