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Internal Mail


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Hi all.

I'm trying to create an internal mail system. I have a table of users, and a table called "Internal Mail" which will hold all the messages.

Every message has the following fields:

- MessageID (auto-number)

- FromUserID

- ToUserID

- CCUserID


- GroupID (each user is part of a group, so this is to enable sending a message to a user by its groupgroup of users)

- Subject

- MessageBody


My problem is this - Once a user logs in, I want him to see all the messages he recieved in a portal. However I can only make a relationship based on more than one connection using "AND". Is there a way to define a relationship based on an "OR" connection (something like: ToUserID = UserID OR CCUserID = UserID Or BCCUserID = UserID etc...) or am I thinking about this all in a wrong way?

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One more thing, I don't know if it's relevant:

ToUserID, CCUserID and BCCUserID are all repeating fields (to allow sending to more than 1 user)

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From what it sounds like, you are looking at a one-to-many relationship. In which case, I would recommend having tables as below:



msgID (auto-serial)

msgSenderID (only record the sender)

msgMessage (actual msg)



rcpID (auto-serial)

rcpToID (for To's)

rcpCCID (for CC's)

rcpBCID (for BC's)

rcpCalcID (run a calc here as follows:

if (rcpToID""; rcpToID;

if (rcpCCID""; rcpCCID;

if (rcpBDID"";rcpBDID;"")))


Note that only one of the 3 'To' fields would be used in any given recipient record. Either the user was directly addressed as a 'to', or was 'cc'd' or was bcc'd. The calc field simply gives you a field to base your portal on, as it will list the ID no matter which of those fields it shows up in. So then you can have a portal based on RECIPIENT using the rcpCalcID field to match your contact to any msgs sent to them. You could then do another portal based on MESSAGE that you would match with msgSenderID to show all the msgs that user has sent.


Hope that makes sense...


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