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Word X ( apple ) merge


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I have FMP 7 and Word X for the mac, with database open or not, when i go into word X and select Tools->data merge manager and then select create form letter, then click on Get Date-Filemaker Pro ALL of my FMP7 database are not selectable, So i can not get word to read the database.


I have downloaded the latest patch for Word X for the Mac, but still it will not accept any database, Any ideas? I have just spent an age reworking a superbase for windows database into filemaker, now it will not speak to word!

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As I recall, .fp7 databases cannot be used directly as a data source. You'd need to export the data to Merge or something, then use that as the data source.

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Ender is correct.

From the FileMaker Knowledge Base:


Answer ID 5543

Microsoft Word for Mac - Data Merge Manager (Mail Merge) with FileMaker Pro 7 and 8 Does Not Work



FileMaker Pro 7, FileMaker Pro 8, Mac OS X



FileMaker changed the application format with the release of FileMaker Pro 7. FileMaker Pro 7 and FileMaker Pro 8 use the .fp7 extension and this is not recognized by the Data Merge Manager in Microsoft Word for Mac.



A quick way to address this issue would be to:

Export the data from FileMaker Pro in a format that is recognized by Microsoft Word (Use a file format like Merge (.mer) which is supported by Microsoft Word).

Import the data into Microsoft Word.

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