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Many to Many Relationship Query


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Many to Many Relationship Query


I found a way to do this with a script, does any one know how to do this with a calculation.


Shipping DB >-- Config ID --


Shipping DB Query of Config ID 123 returns the following info:

Config ID Store Type Version

123 Base Base

123 Base CT

123 DF DF


What is the easiest way to mark the files in the Packaging DB as both Base-Base, Base-CT DF-DF via the relationship? So I can search by either Base or DF and make sure I get the records I need.


In the script, I just created several check boxes and set them by looping through all of the Shipping files. This works but is super slow.



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Hmmm, Either the diagram for that "Many to Many" is incorrect, or you don't have a many-to-many. Unfortunately your tables names and field values aren't much help.


Perhaps you can clarify what a "Shipping" record is. Is that an Item to be shipped? What's a "Config ID" record? Is that really an Item-Product join?

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