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Reverse Running Total In Portal


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Seems as though I saw somewhere how to show a running total in reverse direction in a portal. I have a portal sorted by ascending date with totals in another field. I want the totals field to sort in the reverse order as in largest to smallest as they would if the dates were sorted in descending order. Anyone have either a possible solution or a link to where I might have seen this?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for the help. I should have posted that I figured out my problem.


3 Fields:


Payment number

Sum of Payments summary field total of payments (running)

Reverse Running Total calculation unstored Sum of Payments - Sum of Payments running + Payment


Thanks again for looking.

Hope this might help someone else

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Hi Doug:


Could you describe your solution in more detail? Could you go through each of these fields and tell me exactly how you constructed them? I'd really appreciate it!


Jim Recht

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