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Runtime Solution question


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I have some questions about "runtime solution application":

1. Do i need to put original filemaker files together with the "runtime" database to make the "runtime" database works?


2. I read in the book: "After create a runtime solution, anyone could use my "runtime" database even though they don't have filemaker in their computer." Is it correct? I tried to run "runtime" database in the computer that got filemaker installed, and it's ok. However, when i run it on the computer doesn't have filmaker, it appeared the error.

I don't know what caused the error:

- it couldn't run on the computer that doesn't have filemaker.

- The version of window in the computer doesn't have filemaker is windows98, but the one in the computer that created the "runtime" database is windowsXP. The error happens because of 2 different windows version?


3. I would like to use the "runtime" database in a "network sharing" environment that everyone could use it through the network (like "Fimaker Network sharing"), but i don't know how to make it work.

a. Is it possible the "runtime" database could work in "network sharing"?

b. If yes, please show me how it work in 2 cases:

- computers don't have filemaker installed.

- computers have filemaker installed.

Any advices would be appreciated very much.

Thank you in advance.


Khuong Tran

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Some answers:


1. When you create a runtime, the FileMaker files are copied to a new folder that you specify and are bound with a runtime engine. You need the entire contents of that folder on a computer to run the database.


2. "After create a runtime solution, anyone could use my "runtime" database even though they don't have filemaker in their computer."

That is correct as long as they have the runtime engine and resources as per answer #1 and the computer has the correct specs to run that version of FileMaker (for example FM8 requires Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP SP2)


3. Runtime databases cannot be network shared - you have to purchase FileMaker licenses for that (which, when you think about it, is fair enough)

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